About this site

Some years ago, I decided put up a personal web site with some of my images. My ambition was far greater than my knowledge, and I spent lots of time writing and rewriting HTML code, making frame sets, tailoring album templates, making dual language versions, & c.

Then, I had to find some images. Only my VERY best ones, of course; mine was to be a really classy site! And, my VERY best ones turned out to be a depressingly small part of my entire image catalogue....

But, after a while, my site was up and running! Only, after a while I realized that the mere thought of adding more images and albums to the structure just put me off, so I left it alone and stagnant for a couple of years.

Eventually I decided to start all over again, this time with a structure that made it very easy to add new albums and images whenever I wanted. I abandoned the idea of doing everything myself, and instead I opened an account with Smugmug.

Smugmug works excellently, and provides unlimited storage space for a modest annual fee. I give up some control over the fine points of album design, but instead I get a working structure with thumbnails, links, index pages, and different image sizes for viewers using different monitors. And, it is quite easy to modify or add albums whenever I feel like it. This way I can have an evolving web site, with more spontaneity and less polish!

Still, I do want a personal start page, under a simple domain name that people can remember, and the ability to add text pages or other matter at will. All that can be done within Smugmug - if you pay extra for it. But since I already pay for web hosting elsewhere for other purposes, and had room for these pages there, I decided to try this "hybrid" solution instead.

So, all my albums are now at Smugmug, and if you prefer to, you can go right to my account there and navigate the entire album structure.

A few comments about language. Swedish is my native language, I live in Sweden, and my domain is located in Sweden. So, maybe I should use Swedish on these pages.

Only, most of my photographic contacts are via Internet, on sites with English as their working language. Most readers of those sites would not be able to read my pages if they were in Swedish.

On the other hand, most Swedes today are able to read English, so I decided to use that language here. Making and maintaining dual language versions would take a lot of extra time, and honestly, I prefer to spend that time making photographs instead....

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